I am a Ph.D candidate in the Computer Science Department at Stony Brook University. I am lucky to be co-advised by Prof. Rob Johnson and Prof. Phillipa Gill. I currently work from the International Computer Science Institute at Berkeley. In the past I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a Senior Fellow in the OTF Emerging Technology Fellowship Program (2015-2016) and to have been awarded the Qualcomm Franklin Antonio Intern Scholarship, offered by the the Qualcomm Office of the Chief Scientist (2014-2015).

My research is in the general areas of Security and Privacy. In particular, I really enjoy applying theoretical constructs and ideas to systems and security problems and building human usable security protocols. Prior to arriving at Stony Brook, I was at the University of California - Irvine where I worked in the SPROUT Lab with Prof. Gene Tsudik in the areas of RFID and usable security. And a long long time ago, I was an undergraduate at SRM University (India).

Academic Interests: Security, Privacy, Anonymity, Usability, and Computer Theory.

Recent Highlights

[10/2016] Our work was chosen to appear at the CSAW 2016 Applied Research Finals!
[09/2016] We have a new report on the prevalence of tracking in the mobile app ecosystem. Check it out here.
[07/2016] Our study on the prevalence of anti-adblockers has been accepted at USENIX FOCI! Read the paper here and see the slides from my talk here.
[05/2016] It's been a busy month! Here are three new reports from three great teams: (1) The preliminary results of our comparison of the ICLab and OONI censorship measurement platforms, (2) The design and evaluation of
 our new AS-aware Tor client -- Cipollino, and (3) The results of our study on the prevalence of anti-adblockers on the Web.